About Us

My name is Josh, and I am proud to say that I am the founder of Ripwax—but it doesn’t stop there. I wear enough hats in this company to open my own millenary shop: I am owner, accountant, janitor and probably jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.

Throughout my life, I have collected cards, and it truly has become one of my passions. My first set was the 1982 K-Mart Topps promotional 20th anniversary edition. To this day, I still love the look of those cards.

Even though buying and selling these memorabilia has always been a hobby for me, I take the business very seriously. All the responsibilities fall on me, and I pride myself on giving each customer exceptional service. I buy and sell cards at card shows, online and through a network of dealers across the United States. Extremely picky about which cards I buy, I look for those with great centering and color and no distracting marks.   I welcome you to my virtual showroom and hope you will enjoy my cards as much as I do.